Common Challenges for Students During Online Classes

Many advantages of online education include flexibility, ease of access, reduced need for physical infrastructure, lower costs, and greater flexibility. However, this is not to say that it is without flaws. According to a recent survey, 60% of students who recently switched to an online learning system found the experience boring and struggled to motivate themselves to pay attention in class.

There are many challenges that students face when taking online classes. Still, some of the most common include accessing class materials effectively, staying connected while participating in class discussions, and managing time efficiently.

1.   Staying Engaged

One of the common challenges for students during online classes is difficulty staying engaged. It can be because of several factors, including distractions from the internet and other activities, boredom, lack of individual feedback, or feeling like you are not participating in class.


2.  Digital Competence

As we know, the younger generation is computer literate. However, you must first understand the workings of multiple software programs, which present a significant learning curve, such as Ed-Tech, and so many more. Students must also understand online communication norms and their rights and responsibilities in an online learning environment.


3.  Technical Problems

A more significant issue is teachers’ and students' constant technical issues on these platforms. These issues frequently necessitate technical assistance to resolve; otherwise, it causes frequent disruptions in the learning flow.


Here are Some Tips to Overcome These Challenges :

  • Many online courses offer alternative ways for students to participate in class, such as audio or video recordings that can be accessed, along with offline study tools like flashcards and quizzes.

  • In addition, many professors provide feedback through Google Docsor built-in notes so students can easily submit their work for grading.
  • Students should also remember to set a daily timer for every 10 minutes of the lecture so they miss nothing important and stay fully engaged in the course material.

  • You can create a learning schedule that includes quiet periods and blocks of time devoted only to studying. Also, ensure that you take advantage of class chat rooms and interactive questionnaires to get immediate feedback on your progress.

  • And finally, stay organized by keeping a study guide handy, so you can review key material immediately after watching a video or reading an article.

By following these tips, you can stick with your coursework and overcome any difficulties you may encounter while attending online classes! At ILM, we are working hard to recreate the vibe of in-person learning and make the experience more interactive for students.


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