Why Do You Need a Personalized Curriculum Coach?

Today's schools give students an outdated curriculum that is not personalized and often not effective. Students lack the skills to be at their best and grow into thoughtful and capable adults. Like most students, you've got a lot going on. As you know, students are always busy.

Between classes, clubs, jobs, and somewhere in between, teachers rarely have the time or energy to devise an engaging curriculum that fits their needs. Also, finding time to go to class and do homework can be challenging and stressful for students.


  1. Time is precious—you want it to be used as effectively as possible. And let's face it, high school and college are all about preparing for the next level, whether college, a job, or even the next stage of life. That's why a Personalized Curriculum Coach (PCC) to help you along your educational journey.

  2. Learning is about more than what happens in the classroom. It's also about helping you develop skills that will last a lifetime, including critical thinking, time management, and organization. With PCC, students get the required support with their academic courses, even if your school system doesn't offer them.

  3. At ILM , we'll help you stay on top of your schedule when classes change or if you struggle with time management. Best of all, because you have one dedicated coach who knows your interests, strengths, and weaknesses—and stays in touch with you throughout the year—you can focus on what matters most: learning and growing.

So How can Personalized Curriculum Coach help?

A Personalized Curriculum Coach is designed to help students think critically, integrate knowledge and skills into cohesive academic plans, and track progress. By getting this done early in the semester, students can save time and energy to focus on studying, socializing, and enjoying the college experience.

  • Personalized coaching can assist teachers, students, school and district leaders, and internal instructional coaches to improve and thrive.
  • Additionally, it will help your school's culture, collective leadership, and instructional performance and practices, ultimately leading to better student results.

At ILM, we provide personalized curriculum coaching, an effective first-line transformative strategy for school improvement and systemic change. If you believe that personalized coaching is the thing that will assist you in creating a culture of improved learning, contact us directly.


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